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  1. bigbadjigalooo

    bigbadjigalooo New Member

    First of all I wanna say hello, for i am first time user (got my android yesterday). My problem seems to be that my phone don't want to recognize my SD card, which is naturally the original 1GB sandisk. I tried formatting it in several different ways, but alas the result is pretty much the same. The phone just don't wanna read the card. I tried inserting it in several different ways, tried the phone setting, but of course it said that there is NOT a SD card presently inserted in the device! It works perfectly on my computer, that's why i'm little worried it might be a hardware issue. I have not yet tried connecting another card, though i fear the result wouldn't be much different. Want to thank you in advance and i hope i could get an adequate suggestion. Cheers...
    Forgot to mention i did not buy the phone myself, and it was handed to me with a factory reset (by the phone, not manually via the console)

  2. dmytro772

    dmytro772 New Member

    1. first of all check if theres an sd card by taking out the back and on the side theres is a little place to see if its in there

    2. you can also try going to: settings>sd card and phone storage>mount sd card

    hope this helped

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