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"Searching for GPS..." in NavigationSupport

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  1. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Well-Known Member

    Since upgrading to 2.2, I've noticed my Navigation takes MUCH longer to search for GPS. It now either never gets directions (the "Getting driving directions..." pop-up box just sits there forever until I back out) and I have to turn GPS off and on then back out of Navigation and restart it OR it'll get the directions but say "Searching for GPS..." for at least a couple minutes. Anyone else experiencing this?

  2. katemac

    katemac New Member

    Yes, I am experiencing the same thing. Is there anything we can do about it?
  3. kmoore11

    kmoore11 Well-Known Member

    I am having this problem too. Some people have suggested going into settings > applications > development and make sure allow mock locations is unchecked. Maybe it will work for you, but it didn't for me.
  4. merx

    merx Well-Known Member

    Going thru the same BS. Really annoying. I am pretty disappointed with this release, I hope we see a patch for these problems soon.
  5. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Well-Known Member

    I can't blame 2.2 as it happened in 2.1 for me too. I always had to go through the motions of turning on GPS, getting directions for Navigation, hitting back, turning off GPS, turning it on, then getting directions again, for it to work. It would never process fully the first time.

    I hoped 2.2 and a factory reset would fix this, but clearly that has not been the case.

    I love Android, I really do. I do, however, think there needs to be a bit better QA, because too many little things don't work like they should. None are deal breakers for me, but disappointing nonetheless.
  6. kmoore11

    kmoore11 Well-Known Member

    I just reverted back to 2.1 and now GPS works fine.... weird. I need a 2.2 fix for this.
  7. Itlooksfast

    Itlooksfast Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem too. Its very annoying!! And I realize the My Location is not as accurate as it use to be. Before when I'm driving I can see the location moving along with me. Now it just does there until I refresh it. I did a hare reset and everything...and Nothing!
  8. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Well-Known Member

    If anyone figures out a solution, please share. This is really dangerous and a pain int he ass when trying to get Nav going on the fly while driving.
  9. kmoore11

    kmoore11 Well-Known Member

    Are you all getting it to find the GPS location at all? No matter how long I wait, it can't connect. This icon: [​IMG] never shows up for me like it did in 2.1. Are you all? It seems that for some reason it says it's searching for the GPS, but it's actually not.
  10. merx

    merx Well-Known Member

    Well I get the icon, but ya it just says searching for gps. I never had the issue before the update, Would connect instantly and be moving along with me.
  11. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Well-Known Member

    I get the icon too, it just sits with the darkened screen and the box saying "Getting driving directions" endlessly.

    If I hit Back and go back into Nav, it gets the directions right away and then just sits there at bottom saying "Searching for GPS..."
  12. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Well-Known Member

    Anyone get anywhere with this? Still having this problem, and it's still driving me nuts.
  13. jj3699

    jj3699 Well-Known Member

    wondering the same thing
  14. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Well-Known Member

    No idea if this fixed it or not, but the other day in the car I turned on Navigation and GPS and, as usual, it was sitting at "Searching for GPS" forever. I let it sit there with the phone on my dashboard so the roof of the car wasn't blocking it. It did eventually pick up the GPS.

    Now, it seems to pick up GPS much quicker. Coincidence? Perhaps. Or maybe it needs that one time to sit there and pick it up on the first shot for programming purposes. Who knows?

    I will try again tomorrow and see if it still works on the first try.

    For what it's worth, the only other thing I have since changed is disabling WidgetLocker (just wanted to see if a few bugs have any relation to WidgetLocker being enabled). If everyone here uses WL, perhaps it has something to do with it. I HIGHLY doubt it, however.
  15. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Well-Known Member

    Update: Sitting in my apartment, I tried it again, and still picked up GPS in a few seconds.

    Would love to see if anyone else here could try what I did and find out whether it resolves the issue.
  16. kimf

    kimf Active Member

    I have had this happen too and I think it is a 3G issue not GPS. If I toggle off 3G and then back on again the GPS starts working immediately.

    Seattle Yanks are you on wifi in your apartment? That might explain why it works there.
  17. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Well-Known Member

    Nope. And it used to not work in the apartment. I almost never use wifi on my phone.
  18. jr461

    jr461 Active Member

    Still an issue. This is rendering the navigation useless. Used to pick up the satellites almost immediately and now, even if I stand in my driveway pointing the phone to a clear sky, I still get the searchign message for several, if not many, minutes.

    There is no fix for this?
  19. cowboy86

    cowboy86 New Member

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and I joined just to sya I've been having the same issue since the froyo upgrade.

    Seattle Yanks do you keep your standalone gps on all the time?
  20. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Well-Known Member

    Nope. Only when I use it for navigation.

    And I should add the instant satellite pickup is no more. I'm back where I was with "Searching for GPS..." for several minutes.
  21. actofgod

    actofgod Well-Known Member

    I have absolutely had issues with getting a GPS signal since 2.2 was installed. With 2.1 I got the signal more or less instantly. Now, there is a lag of at least 30 seconds to 2 minutes (if it even connects).

    Highly annoying as I don't turn on my GPS until I need it.
  22. Arie

    Arie New Member

    Although a year later, I am experiencing the same issue on my brand new HTC Desire S. Navigation keeps on searching for GPS for ages. However, other apps using GPS are finding signals in seconds, so, it seems an app related issue rather than a hardware related issue.
    I appreciate any hints or work arounds!
  23. Dark Penguin

    Dark Penguin Active Member

    I don't have this phone, but my experience is similar. It was stock Froyo when it arrived, and I briefly accepted an OTA update to Gingerbread. This turned out to be defective and presumably everyone with my make and model had to roll back to Froyo, as I did. AFAIK, through all this Navigation the navigation tool worked fine.

    Then I flashed to a Gingerbread based custom ROM, and that's when navigation stopped working. I thought it was an issue the custom ROM, but then I discovered that people running GB on all sorts of different makes and models were experiencing the same issue.

    So...back I went and downgraded to Froyo. And now...navigation still doesn't work.

    Either Google has a huge problem here, or else they have decided that they only care if this, one of the most popular Android tools ever, only works on the latest and costliest mobile devices.

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