Second Minor Update - October 5, 2011 - Working NetflixGeneral

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  1. marvin02

    marvin02 Well-Known Member

    Just received another update from Vizio for the VTAB. Haven't had much chance to play with it, but it did include a working version of Netflix.

    Anyone else get this?

    What else has changed?

    The VIA plus version was bumped to 1.3 and the build version to 1.9.30

    The Netflix app (version 1.4.1 build 262) was included. It can be uninstalled but I don't see it in the Android market. It does not show in the installed app list or when I search.

    Our tablet had been off and the update notification showed IP when we turned it on.

  2. kingsolo00

    kingsolo00 Member

    after i read dis post i turned my tab off and wen i turned it back on i got the same update

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