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  1. Meyers71

    Meyers71 New Member

    I have a spectrum 2 that I rooted a couple weeks ago. It has been fine, until tonight when I ran a system cleanup app. It asked me to reboot, which I did and now it just boots up to the LG screen with "security error" below it. I cannot do anything with it. I have tried the hard rest, and it goes through the prompts and starts to reset only to come back to the security error screen. My computer won't recognize it either through USB.

  2. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    You have to unbrick, not sure if an unbrick guide has been created yet here. If not, PM me with your serial number. I need the serial number to get the firmware. It is located under your battery.
  3. overdope

    overdope Well-Known Member

    Hey! I'm desperately in need of knowing how to find the drivers for the vs930...all the links I run into are dead...if you could PLEASE help me out here I'd be more than grateful! I'm trying to cab flash...I bricked the phone..I think a soft brick bc I can still get to cwm recovery
  4. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    google lg motion unbrick guide, download the drivers. All LG phones use the same drivers.

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