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Send text or call as another number?

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  1. sleepjunk

    sleepjunk Member

    I'm not sure if this is real or not, but I think I've heard of some way to cloak your phone number and fake another number on a call or text.

    Anyone else ever hear of this or know what I'm talking about?

  2. thugacation

    thugacation Active Member

    I'm looking for something similar I guess.
    I used to have this app before where I could send SMSs from a number of my choosing to another person.
    I've looked for it again, can't seem to find it. Anyone have an idea what it could be?
  3. Leedaddy29

    Leedaddy29 Active Member

    There is an app for the calling its called super caller is faker but I'm looking for the text message one
  4. Leedaddy29

    Leedaddy29 Active Member

    ssuper caller id faker ****
  5. Sushilit

    Sushilit New Member

    Can i call a number using other number
    If yes please tell me aboum it
  6. alfredjarry69

    alfredjarry69 Active Member

    There are lots for application for fake call and SMS which you can get from Google Play. I can't mention the name for all, so i am mentioning the few name, for example:

    1. Fake-Call Me
    2. Super SMS Faker
    3. Fake Call & SMS Donate ProKey
    4. Phaker - Fake Call & SMS
    5. CSB Fake Call/SMS/Battery FULL
    6. Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs

    Try anyone for these and check which one worked for you.
  7. The OP is looking for an app that would 'cloak' his real number by a fake number when calling OUT. Not for receiving from a fake number.
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  8. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Well-Known Member

    The original post is from 2010. I believe that call spoofing has been made illegal since then.
  9. Elunah

    Elunah New Member

    Have you tried Google Voice? You can pick a number and then use Google Voice as an intermediary to make the call. The receiver only sees the GVoice number (assuming you do it correctly).

    Sign up at voice.google.com and then download the app. You can change the settings so it lets you choose whether you want to use your GVoice number or your real number when you make a call. Voila. It also works with texts.

    I personally use GVoice to maintain a consistent number even if I switch carriers, because you can usually forward calls and texts to the GVoice number and vice versa. For instance, if someone calls my work cell phone in the daytime, it simultaneously rings my GMail (PC app), work cell phone, work landline, and my backup cell phone. Beautiful.

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