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  1. rotceh

    rotceh Member

    Brand new tattoo owner here. Only had the thing a couple of days and I think it's brilliant. I've been downloading all the free apps I can find and I'm wondering wether one of them has messed it up a little bit. I only realised today that you could tip the phone sideways to make the keyboard bigger and texting easier. However, It's stopped working since earlier and I'm wondering why. Any ideas?

    Complete htc noob by the way, I'm still getting used to playing about with the widgets. So I'm not even sure if there's a sensor on/off option or not.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. DarthSkirata

    DarthSkirata Member

    Go to settings -> sound and display -> orientation. If this is checked off, your device should change it's screen orientation when you turn it on it's side.
    If this is checked and the screen is not changing when you rotate it, try power cycling your device. It's amazing how many problems just turning your phone off and then on again will resolve.
    Good luck.
  3. rotceh

    rotceh Member

    Thanks DarthSkirata. That worked a treat. I must have accidentally tapped it whilst fiddling about with my sound options. :)

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