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  1. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    Hey friends..

    I just rooted my phone.. there are some issues.

    1.i need set CPU setting for galaxy y
    GingerBread 2.3.5
    Kernal =
    root @ dell89#1

    Please give me setting for set cpu or snapshot.

    2. Titanium backup settings needed. (what is this app for?)

    3.what else apps should i have after rooting.

    4. after installing chainfire 3d and plugins my gallery pixelate like win 95 even i did not tick on reduce texture or any thing. but when i uninstall the chainfire every thing back to normal in gellary... what to do :S

    Please help..

  2. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    150+ guys visit this thread nobody helping strange
  3. aadaars

    aadaars Active Member

    Sgy kernels does not support setcpu buddy:)
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  4. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    so dude what should i do??? should i use CPU Tuner?

    do you have setting for that?
  5. andran

    andran Active Member

    Yes. Check SetCPU.

    Because it doesn't support auto-detect (well, it didn't in my Galaxy Y...), you must create setcpu.txt and cp/paste the following values (minimum freq is 312Mhz and maximum is 832Mhz):


    Copy setcpu.txt to SD Card's root.

    Mu current profiles:


    I Hope this will help you,i am using set cpu for galaxy y 5360,works fine !!
  6. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    i still cant understand the procedure :'( do you have skype?
  7. MonJovi

    MonJovi Active Member

    Dude, setcpu cant automatically detect galaxy y. Follow andran's direction re creating setcpu.txt settings and save it in your SD card's root directory.

    Then in SetCPU, invoke the menu by pressing the menu button. Scroll down, choose Custom frequencies, will ask you for root access, then that's it, settings will be saved.

    Go back to your main SetCPU screen and adjust max/min MHz to 832 and 312. Create your profiles.

    Good luck.
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  8. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    ok dude thanks i did all u said.. and i think its working.. should i tick on set on boot???

    and will it effect my running services while screen off. like something is downloading??? or wifi connection, skype connection.. incoming calls etc?
  9. MonJovi

    MonJovi Active Member

    Yes set on boot so that every time you have to reboot it will automatically run your settings.

    If you have a profile "screen off" it will invoke whatever setting you made for that profile. If for example you've set it to 312 max & 312 min, it will constantly run on that cpu speed which will affect of course the speed of those apps running in background while screen is off.
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  10. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    so monjovi. what will it effect??? slow down every thing??? means if someone calling me or im me on skype while my screen off with profile min 312 max 312.. what will be the effect?
    or suppose i m downloading some music and screen goes off.. what will be the effect on downloading??
    what will be the effect on facebook notifications and gmail alerts while screen off profile activated... as i m on autu sync data.. always up on wifi...
  11. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    these are my current setting and profile are same asandran.. is it ok???

    Attached Files:

  12. andran

    andran Active Member

    yes tick set on boot!profile is same as mine?or did you change anything ?
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  13. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    yes aal profiles are same as you...what should the scaling mode on main?? its performance right now..
  14. andran

    andran Active Member

    i also set it to performance !
  15. sym0n01

    sym0n01 Member

    wtf i cant understand the procedure
    312min lol
  16. sym0n01

    sym0n01 Member

    bro panu ggwn d2? 528max 312min ahaha
  17. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    English dear..
  18. MonJovi

    MonJovi Active Member

    When cpu is running at 312mhx everything will slow down. Even my launcher (go launcher) would lag sometimes. I just don't know if wifi speed is also affected. Surely writing of files (while downloading) to your sd card will be affected but I'm just not sure how significant the effect is. gmail and other alerts are not affected. But if cpu is running at 312 when I open gmail or email app, it takes some time opening. From screen off to on then open an app immediately - I experience lag. So unless I'm in a hurry to answer a txt or open my email, I'd wait a few seconds first before opening an app.
  19. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    bro i got my answer.. nothing is going slow. wifi and every thing working great.. alerts also fine .. but sume time it takes time when i push lock button..

    but sumtime my phone lags....
    i thing its bcoz running services...

    i have these running survices any suggestion??? what are these running apps..

    GO Launcher EX
    DRM content <----- What the F is this?
    Software update <---- should it keep running?
    Google Services
    SyncmlDS <-------- What the hell is this for?
    SNS <------!?!?!
    Smart Keyboard

    these are cached

    SamsungAppsUNA2 <--------- What is this?
    Android Core Apps <----------???
    LogsProviders <-----????

    Also tell me which is the best Launcher???

    I love GO Launcher EX but its takes 13.96mb or RAM :(
  20. jhon101

    jhon101 New Member

    So tell me something, if I want to overclock my phone, what values am I to enter? and are they supposed to be entered with the commas(,) ?

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