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  1. trindle

    trindle New Member

    Hi, I`ve had my s4 since the uk release and never really had any problems, but 2 weeks ago the following message appeared on screen (no data connection is available until a valid sim card is inserted), i restarted the phone and it all worked for around a day, then it reappeared, restarted again but this time it didn`t work, so i did a reset, it then worked again for a day,then it came again but no matter what i did it wouldn`t work, so off it went to Samsung, a week later it came back all repaired,until the following day when it started doing it again, done a factory reset again it worked for around 4 hours then no sim, so it`s gone back to samsung again for repair. has anybody here had any problems with the sim card connection on their s4?

  2. OneSickS4

    OneSickS4 Member

    I am getting this once and a while now as well. Any help from here will be appreciated!
  3. trindle

    trindle New Member

    Hi, after ranting at a woman in the samsung call centre, I went to my network provider and explained that the phone had been back twice but was still the same i was given a new sim card, and so far its worked perfectly..
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yeah, that would have been my guess. I've had a SIM fail and that's about how it went

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