Skype screws up my bluetooth calling in Galaxy Nexus.Support

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  1. morzh

    morzh New Member


    Here's my problem, posted it in the Skype forum, zero replies there.

    I have Uconnect in my Jeep, a Bluetooth phone connect, allowing voice dialed calls, hands free and such.

    When I first tried it, I had Skype (regular, not the mobile, version, the mobile did not install) already installed. So when the Uconnect tried to dial, the call would fail. Upon investigation, I realized that when Uconnect accessed the phone directory, the Skype ould pop up as one of the ways to call. Uconnect does not know hat to do with it and so does not ask.
    Upon Skype removal it works.
    This leaves me without Skype.

    What am I to do?

  2. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to select a default?
  3. morzh

    morzh New Member

    Not sure, I was looking far and wide for it. If it is there, it is not very conspicuous.
  4. paulbrant

    paulbrant New Member

    I was getting the same problem with my Galaxy Ace 2 in the car, only resolved it by uninstalling Skype.:(
  5. WS65711

    WS65711 New Member

    Same problem with my new Droid Razr M. Turn on bluetooth, get in vehicle, try to make call using vehicle bluetooth, phone hangs while waiting for me to choose normal dialing or skype. I guess skype will go to the trashcan. They've done outsmarted themselves . . . :ciao:
  6. WS65711

    WS65711 New Member

    I think I've found a solution... at least one that seems to work for me.

    My Droid Razr M is currently running Android version 4.0.4

    I noticed that on the screen that pops up when I attempt to make a call, there are choices for "Phone" or "Skype", and also a check box labeled "Use this option by Default". After I checked the option box and chose the "Phone" selection, it quit asking me to choose between Phone and Skype. :congrats:

    Now my phone no longer hangs when I try to dial out using the bluetooth in my Armada . . . :cool:
  7. mrex

    mrex Well-Known Member

    Ihad the same problem.. Lucky i saw the screen appeared, but if you have chosen wrong or want to change it, where you can do this?

    How do you change default options for bt? in general...
  8. shumandy

    shumandy New Member

    I had the same problem. I have previously install various apps that have phone capabilities e.g. Skype, Dell Voice, and some other 3rd party phone app. Ends up when I am using bluetooth from the car the phone screen will only display 2 options and asked which one I want to use and only once or always (think same logic goes for browser but currently I only use the default and Chrome). End up I need to uninstall all the apps that have phone capabilities otherwise I am not able to use my favorite phone app as the default to make and recieve calls via bluetooth. Would be nice to know if anyone has a solution?

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