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Smart Action App issue! HELP :(Support

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  1. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member


    Verizon sent me a new replacement phone and I'm trying to trigger my smart action app to work. I'm currently at work and I use to have it set up by location, phone going to silent. Worked great til this phone showed up. It triggers my location but will not allow me to attach. When I manually enter the address it says doesn't exist. Or cannot find. Any idea why? I already cleared the cache and cleared data... It's not the most important app I use but it is nice to come into work and know my phone is on silent! :) thanks in advance!:confused:

  2. Dabrador

    Dabrador Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem when I received my replacement Razr. I had to input the address a few times before the app recognized it. Try it both when you are at work (choose current location) and/or when you are not (input address).

    Eventually the app will recognize the correct address...mine did.
  3. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I rebooted my phone and now it's working! :)

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