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  1. Spik3ee

    Spik3ee Member

    Hi, trying to import contacts into the phonebook, but it only copied in 7 contacts. When I went onto facebook through SNS and went to friends it only shows me those 7, and says something along the lines of 400 friends not verified, their profiles will be unavailable.

    On the actual facebook app I can see all my friends, but that app doesnt have an import function if i'm correct?

    Any help appreciated

  2. he6rt6gr6m

    he6rt6gr6m Well-Known Member

    Happened to me as well. Basically, when doing it, it is constantly verifying profiles. You have to do import them again and again. Just give it time to update.
  3. dannyo

    dannyo New Member

    im also having the same problem, ive only managed to import 1 friend from facebook as SNS says that "337 friends did not confirm their accounts. Their profiles will not be accessible" this seems to be a pretty useless social networking app :/

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