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  1. kalaster

    kalaster Well-Known Member

    So I, like many of us, have received the dreaded "back ordered" email. I had been planning my leave from verizon since the announcement. Buy the Nexus 4 with my saved up money, sell my Galaxy S3 to pay the Verizon ETF, and switch to straight talk. But that plan is foiled now and its hard enough being robbed from verizon each month at this point.

    I have been tossing around the idea of trading my S3 for a unlocked Gnexus and canceling my order to pay the ETF. OR just wait it out and possibly be thanking myself for the extra time and patience.

    Many of you have already gotten it, everyone else by monday or tuesday. So im asking, what do you think? Will it be worth dealing with the nail biting eagerness of waiting for a random shipping email within the next 3 weeks? And also what would you do if you were in my position?

  2. jdk2

    jdk2 Well-Known Member

    Hang in there, pal. The wait will be worth it and VZW's ETF will drop as you roll over to the next billing cycle :rolleyes:

    Not a lot of consolation as I already received mine, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't be settling for something else.
  3. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I'm really enjoying mine and I think any Android enthusiast will too. Definitely will be worth the wait.
  4. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

    Well worth the wait and i have not even ordered mine yet!!!
  5. kalaster

    kalaster Well-Known Member

    thats the sort of thinking, i'm trying to avoid from now on :rolleyes:
  6. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    If u guys hang in there until Monday, I will be getting mine! Just for some that don't know, I've been on here a long while and pull no punches...I will give this thing a real run down and test everything from A-Z! This phone will go through every real world test you can think off ranging from call quality to data speed in real world use.
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  7. kalaster

    kalaster Well-Known Member

    Thanks man, we appreciate it, I look forward to seeing what you have to say, especially reading how frustrated you are about this whole launch.
  8. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    Absolutely it is worth it. I've had the Nexus 4 for 4 days now and it is amazing.

    I just bought a Galaxy S3 for my daughter yesterday for her birthday. I did a little bit of initial setup for her, and side by side the software is horrible compared the my Nexus. Plus the slow updates... No thanks! The only reason she got the S3 was because she needs lots of storage for music, movies, and mostly games.

    If you really are having doubts go to a T-Mobile store and use a display Nexus then a GS3.

    Also, have you checked out my review here:
  9. kalaster

    kalaster Well-Known Member

    Yea, I'm currently rocking the S3 right now, great phone, even more great on cm10! But after 3 months, not the phone I was hoping for, was expecting it to be the end all be all phone for me. Sadly that's not the case.

    I would go too a T-Mobile store, but there isn't one for miles where I live.
  10. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

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  11. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    I don't care how good of quality it is, a speaker that small isn't going to sound good turned up anyway. If you want sound quality you need earphones or better yet headphones. The camera also isn't the best smartphone camera in the world, but it's far from the worst. 8MP and 1080p video recording is an upgrade for me, i'll take it xD

    I think the 1.5GHz quad core and 2GB RAM make up for those minor shortcomings . Not to mention android 4.2 and guaranteed updates for the next 2 years.
  12. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I do use my camera a lot on both my GS3 and my iphone 5, and I like being able to grab good shots. However sometime it's the person taking the pics vs the camera that they are using. I will have to try it myself to really make a final decision.
  13. killxswitch

    killxswitch Well-Known Member

    There are reviews out there with test shots and I think they look good. Outdoor, anyway. Didn't see the indoor tests.
  14. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Because the indoors are probably terrible... Lol
  15. HereticSins

    HereticSins Well-Known Member

    They looked like normal pictures to me. It is a phone not a professional camera.
  16. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I understand its not a professional camera, however...I use a GS3 and an iphone 5, arguably the 2 best phones on the market right now with also pretty much the best cameras as well. So to me a good camera is something I'd like on board.

    I will leave my final judgement to when I am actually using the phone and not going off reviews.
  17. quikky

    quikky Member

    I think it has been established that the Lumia 920 has the best camera, especially for low-light situations.
  18. Doyer

    Doyer Well-Known Member

    As someone who had recently switched to Straight Talk after me Tmo contract was up, here's my take.

    The freedom to switch whatever carrier you want, anytime, is such a breath of fresh air. I had previously been paying almost $100 a month after taxes and fees on an $80 plan that included 1500 talk minutes (rarely used 150 min / month the last few years), unlimited text and 4G data (throttled at 5GB0).

    Straight Talk gave me unlimited everything (4G throttled at 5GB more or less) for $45 / month, more than halving my bill. Since I was still using a Tmo phone (Sensation 4G) I was on a Straight Talk Tmo SIM (they have Tmo and ATT flavors). Everything worked fine except for Google Voice (refer to this thread regarding GV on Straight Talk).

    Now T-Mobile is offering a $30 monthly plan with 150 talk minutes and unlimited text / data (5GB throttle), which is amazing, seeing as I hardly use voice minutes. Being contract free allows me to take advantage of the best plans, and I plan on switching back to T-Mobile; hopefully I'll be able to use Google Voice as it's intended to be used again.

    I'm just waiting for the damn Nexus 4 to be in stock.
  19. kalaster

    kalaster Well-Known Member

    My plan was to switch to T-mobile, there is a VERY strong prescence of of just about all the carriers in Ithaca, and get the $30 plan, but however, since moving out and far from all my friends and family, they all want to call me now, every single day. so hopefully they miss me a little less next month so i can switch to t-mobile.

    and from what i hear, google voice does not work on T-mobile =/
  20. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    Google Voice is working just fine for me, always has
  21. Doyer

    Doyer Well-Known Member

    You guys may have misunderstood me. Let me try and clarify.

    T-Mobile prepaid service, such as what you can buy at Walmart or 7-Eleven, doesn't support conditional call forwarding, which GV requires to forward calls from your cell number to the GV voicemail box.

    If you get a T-Mobile compatible SIM card from straight talk, that falls under TMO prepaid. Conditional call forwarding will not work. In order to use GV on Straight Talk, you have to port your GV number when you activate your TMO Straight Talk SIM, then deactivate carrier voicemail. Otherwise, you have to give out your GV number so people can leave and text your GV directly.

    Prepaid monthly plans directly from T-Mobile, like the 4G Monthly plans, may be a different thing.

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