So No Media Player Will Play Music In Order As CD?

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  1. reggiesgone

    reggiesgone Member

    I guess no one cares to listen to their favorite music in the order the artist intended? we now listen to timeless classic Opera in whatever order? makes no difference? Classic Rock albums out of order? Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"?

  2. jcthorne

    jcthorne Well-Known Member

    If you will tag your mp3 files correctly with track id numbers they can be played in track order. I also usually rename the files to include the track number at the begining of the track name. IE '01 - The Way It Was.mp3' then they play in correct order even on 'challenged' mp3 players like the one in my factory car radio.
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  3. Chroma

    Chroma Well-Known Member

    My .mp3s are tagged and play in order just fine when I select the album. What media player are you using on your phone? Remember select sort by order.
  4. partridge

    partridge Well-Known Member

    what device are you using?

    I found that on a Sony PSP my music did not play in the correct order, even if I imported if from my PS3 which did play it correcly ordered! It turned out that some metadata was missing that the PSP needs, while the PS3 must use some other method.

    Anyway, if you look at your music on a PC you'll be able to see if it's got the track number stored, if not you can add it easily enough.

    Sorry if this sounds a bit patronising, but my HTC Desire shows music in the right order so without knowing what device you have...

    One other thing; is the shuffle option off?
  5. Exactly, make sure the id3 track tag is correct, as well as put the track number in the filename.
  6. Stainy

    Stainy Member

    also.. dance tracks.. there`s always a little pause, stutter between tracks.. doesn`t go seemlessly to the next.. if they are mixed :(
  7. wingsabr

    wingsabr Member

    I downloaded the btunes player for 1.49 because it played my tracks in succession. Check it out...
  8. Jim927

    Jim927 New Member

    You will need 2 free aps from google play, ES File Explorer and My Playlist Maker.
    Move your music "Folder/Playlist" from your PC to the Music folder in the Nexus 7 then use ES file explorer to find that folder. Press and hold that folder and select "music" and your playlist will come up and play in the same order that they were saved on your PC regardless of any mp3 tags!
  9. SirSpace

    SirSpace Well-Known Member

    I use win amp pro but really all you have to do is do what was mentioned above or just go into the folder and move around the files according to how you want. Also even if you don't have a file explorer you can do it from your computer then move em over.
  10. iphonerepairs

    iphonerepairs Member

    Download my Playlist Maker it will arrange your music in order.

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