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  1. NeilNjae

    NeilNjae Member

    Some apps don't appear in the market on my Pulse Mini (specifically Rings Extended and Ringdroid) but they're there when I look with my HTC Desire.

    Any suggestions as to why this is?



  2. sprocketdog23

    sprocketdog23 Member

    Will be two reasons, firstly, the app developer has tagged their app for a bigger screen than the Pulse Mini, the second is that the Pulse Mini ROM is not fully recognized by google market, so many apps are missing.

    In either case, you might be able to get the apps you want directly from their developers website. If not, search for the apps on the web. There are various places where you can find the apk files. Just download to your computer, move them onto your mini SD card on your phone, and run the installations from there. I found that method useful for many free apps that my pulse mini couldn't 'see' on the market, and they run perfectly well once installed.
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  3. NeilNjae

    NeilNjae Member

    Thanks very much for that, for both the explanation and the workaround tip.

  4. Bethbaby

    Bethbaby Active Member

    Hi there, I've downloaded the apk file for papaya farm 1.3 and it is sitting on my computer as I type. I just got my unlocked t-mobile pulse mini and am using it with vodafone.. however I am terrified of doing anything else!!! I really miss this game on my handset and don't know what to do next!!!! Will it download onto my handset ok or do you think I will have problems??? I don't want to mess up my phone or my pc. :(

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