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  1. abishek23

    abishek23 New Member

    What will be the price of Xperia Ray once its released in India???

  2. neofactor.is3

    neofactor.is3 Active Member

    In the range 18000 to 22000
  3. dada_mehdi

    dada_mehdi New Member

    hi ,
    RAY in Iran , 480$ to 500 $
  4. nutter

    nutter New Member

    ray in the uk about
  5. onyx

    onyx Member

    At Newegg, new price of about $280 US.
  6. Milenka

    Milenka New Member

    In Belgium is the price:
  7. JayTheKing

    JayTheKing Active Member

    Greece 195 euros

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