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speech to text not working

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  1. FUCCO

    FUCCO Well-Known Member

    My text to speech and speech to text does not work in any application. When i tap the microphone icon i get a message "your phone does not have speech recognition ENGINE and recgoinzer not found". I cant not find any apps to redownload this. Any ways to fix it? I am running new sholes 1.0 rom

    FIXED... reinstalled the rom and now it came back. go figure

  2. Shadowtech

    Shadowtech Well-Known Member

    Go into Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Click the menu button, then select Filter > All.

    Do you have TTS Service, Voice Dialer, Voice Search listed? If they're not, that may be a problem.. I believe you can find them on Market if they're not on your phone. If they are installed, you might have to reload the ROM or something. Personally I have not run into any issues with the speech to text not working on any rom I have installed.

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