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  1. ackliph

    ackliph Member

    I wanted to put my experience out there on the internet in case someone else is contemplating switching service to Straight Talk with their Exhibit 4G

    I called up and got my unlock code from T-Mobile in less than one day.
    I ordered my AT&T SIM card from Straight Talk for unlocked phones.
    Swapped out the SIM card.

    I now have full 3G speeds and stable service EVERYWHERE. (T-Mobile service is lacking in Arkansas.)

    $45 for and Android unlimited everything that WORKS! (No thank you, Boost)

  2. KIZMET3

    KIZMET3 New Member

    Hello I saw your post and wanted to ask a question. I have the same exact setup as you do, however im only getting edge speeds, and not 3g as reported by most users. I set my apn settings per instructions thst came with the att Sim card activation kit. Did you do any other special settings to get the 3g speeds? If so can you share? Thank you in advance. Much peace & kindness!
  3. jophtcedo

    jophtcedo Active Member

    Not sure where in Arkansas you're referring to... but up in the NW corner around Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville... T-Mobile service is great. Strong 4G service all around that area.
  4. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    does anyone know if you have a phone that has been blacklisted on t mobile if i can still use on straight talk? iiv read on the net that it wont work on simple mobile but was wondering about straight talk since it uses both at&t and t mobiles network instead of simple mobile that only uses t mobile.... anyone?
  5. Killgorian

    Killgorian New Member

    Near Ft. Smith we're in a T-mobile dead zone. We have only a couple of towers outside of town and the service doesn't roam well on AT&T towers. Thus, in this area, we get 3g if you're lucky.
  6. Hayesb69

    Hayesb69 New Member

    I want to change my phone from t-mobile to straight Talk can some one help me out? If I can't get the unlock codes from t-mobile do I need to root it to unlock it for straight Talk? Thanks.
  7. FumbleFingers

    FumbleFingers Member

    I went and bought the Samsung Exhibit and got the straight talk sim card for Tmobile phone; ATT service is bad in my area I have great 4g works great for a cost of total with tax $46 unlimited everything with 6 months paid in advance. What else could you want.
  8. tiablue72

    tiablue72 New Member

    46 for 6 months? How did you do that?
  9. Clueless 1

    Clueless 1 New Member

    Hi, can anyone advise the quickest way to switch from T Mobile's prepaid to Straight Talk? I have different things some saying that it is not possible, and other's say that it is. I called Straight Talk, and they advised me that I needed to know the type of SIM card on my Samsung S2. I have no clue, and thought that they would know this info. Any help would be appreciated.

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