Stress cracks on G1 between the menu and back button, Help identify problemGeneral

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  1. jeffradick

    jeffradick New Member

    My 5 week old G1 phone has developed a stress crack between the menu button and the back button and is developing another one, not quite through yet, between the back button and end call button. Tmobile and HTC say it is not a known issue and I'd like to get that changed by you responding to this message. I went to the TMobile store near me and the employee who helped me and the manager there both said that it is definately a defect and not physical damage. The phone still looks brand new, has never been dropped or misused in anyway and still Tmobile and HTC will not stand by the product because they claim since this is not a known issue then there is nothing they can do, they even told me that the warranty is voided because of the crack! Unbelievable as it seems I am stuck with this defective phone until they change it from no known issues. If you have this problem with your G1 please report it and please email me at and let me know of your issue with this problem. I have been a Tmobile customer for 8 years now and have 5 accounts with them and never had a problem before. This is just unacceptable for such an expensive phone.

  2. jeffradick

    jeffradick New Member

    Just an update, a call to the BBB and TMOBILE is now honoring my warranty and sending a new phone to me.
  3. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Good deal glad to hear it .... Better luck on the replacement. :cool:

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