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stuck on the rogers screen and recovery mode won't work!!Root (Browse All)

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  1. KimCheeZZ

    KimCheeZZ New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 21, 2009
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    hello! im new to android and tonight i tried to root my HTC magic. i went on the htc developers site and downloaded the radio and recovery image for 1.6 donut. then, i tried installing the radio using the way HTC suggest on their site, however, it doesnt work, it says that the files are not signed. so i tried to root it using theunlockr.com method (using flashrecovery.apk). i restarted, and installed the radio image. then i figure that i should restart. ever since then, the phone has been stuck on the Rogers screen and it wont even go to recovery mode!!!!!!!!

    i cant really provide the info about my phone because i cant load it.
    only things i know are:

    1.5 cupcake
    Build: 2.16.xxxxxx
    my carrier is rogers
    i live in canada

    Any help is appreciated.
    Also, if i bring it to Rogers, will they refuse the service since i tried to root my phone?? or will they just reflash my phone for me??

    Thanks in Advance.


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