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  1. Trimbaud

    Trimbaud Well-Known Member

    Got the Warp last Thanksgiving. Problems are documented here, so I'm gonna switch soon. I've always been on Boost, so was leaning toward Galaxy S2.
    However, I spent time looking at the Nexus on T mobile. Initial cost is about the same. They have prepaid for $30 month, and $15 for hot spot. I can manage that plan's 100 minutes of voice with Skype and my work phone.
    For me, one of the big benefits of the warp is the screen size, and so I want to go up in real estate (and would go to note 2 if I could do it prepaid!).
    Asking for opinions from forum on t mobile, on Nexus v Galaxy S2, and what other android prepaid you like.

  2. Trimbaud

    Trimbaud Well-Known Member

  3. cnymoeman

    cnymoeman Well-Known Member

    Only crappy thing about the nexus is it doesn't have a sd slot so you have to rely on internal memory. How is the t mobile coverage in your area? Mine sucks. If I were you I would just pony up the cash and get the S2. I'm torn between the sequent (less $ and Alittle less on the spec dept ) and the S2 (crazy sick phone with everything I want but costs almost a months rent) It all boils down to needs and wants .If the nexus works better for you with t mobile go for it. Most places have a return policy so you could always switch back to boost. Well good luck in your endeavors and feel free to post more questions Maybe someone could help you more. Cheers.
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  4. xman95

    xman95 Well-Known Member

    I like the Galaxy Nexus, but like someone else said, no SD card slot. The features are pretty solid and it will run much faster on T-mobile's "4G" (LOL) vs what you currently see from Boost, even compared to the Boost's WiMax GS2. Other notables on the Galaxy Nexus is that it is unlocked and will work with T-Mobile or AT&T services if bought from Google. Just add the appropriate SIM.

    Also, if you go thru the Walmart website you can get the GS2/T-mobile for $299 on their $30/mo plan. So I would recommend this over the Galaxy Nexus if you are switching to T-Mobile. You can also wait to see what Google does about the next release of the Galaxy Nexus line. Rumors have indicated multiple handsets in the pipeline....
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  5. Trimbaud

    Trimbaud Well-Known Member

    I did not know about the Nexus lack of sd card. But, if it has 16gb internal, that should work. Xman, why would you recommend the s2 over the nexus?
  6. xman95

    xman95 Well-Known Member

    Only 2 reasons:
    1) Price ($299 vs. $349) Note: not the Boost GS2 (T-Mobile's)
    2) SD Card slot

    I do like the Nexus.. but given the above, that's the way I'd go.

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