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Symphony of the Origin

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  1. gamer_carrot

    gamer_carrot Member


    So, the game got released day and a half ago and right now it's offered for half the price.

    Has anyone played it and is it worth it?

  2. ral

    ral Well-Known Member

    From Google Play I understand this one has US$5 of IAP's.
  3. moorken

    moorken Well-Known Member

    in the screenshots i see a lot of stuff written in Japanese, can somebody confirm its available in 100% english too?
  4. akutasame94

    akutasame94 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's in English, tho translations are a bit funny sometimes :)
  5. ral

    ral Well-Known Member

    Managed to beat the four Phoenix creatures in Eve yesterday so I decided to pick this up. Very satisfied, although I am not sure I like the way mana points are handled. Basically, they seem to regenerate to full with each battle, but maybe that is more realistic being more like stamina. Still it means there is less penalty to use your special skills to often, and seems to give little incentive to using basic attack.

    I have a short write-up and the official trialer here.
  6. hildseller

    hildseller Member

    think so,Managed to beat the four Phoenix creatures in Eve yesterday so I decided to pick this up.[​IMG]
  7. akutasame94

    akutasame94 Well-Known Member

    So far the story is great, but, characters... Golem's are far more original, but Ryle, his parents got killed, he wants revenge, now he wants to save someone... Not the same, but similar to Lish... Rumil basically has no personality, very little, yet she seems to be very important. Somehow she looks like typical damsel in distress character (you'll see why) tho she manages to stand out from that. Other characters are a bit generic, but the Evils in the story might not be so evil, and is that transsexual demon? lol Also pedophilia? Who know how many years old demon falling in love with a 12 year old girl? Well it's funny and kind of awesome as it is not meant to be that way. So if this keeps up this way I'll probably rate it 5 stars...
  8. ral

    ral Well-Known Member

    I did not fully appreciate the new Mana Points system until I encountered the bigger Boss level creatures. Mana regenerates automatically, you have to learn to conserve though.
  9. Ludikhris

    Ludikhris Well-Known Member

  10. akutasame94

    akutasame94 Well-Known Member

  11. gamer_carrot

    gamer_carrot Member

  12. akutasame94

    akutasame94 Well-Known Member

    Well there is no extra content unless you buy it. I explored everything I could, followed the story... To get extra locations and characters you need to have points which you have to purchase in game...
  13. gamer_carrot

    gamer_carrot Member

    WHAT? Zero side quests? For a game that's $8.99, that's a complete deal-breaker.
  14. akutasame94

    akutasame94 Well-Known Member

    I may have just missed something, but I think I saw everythinh. Few times I ended up on locations I couldn't access, like sealed caves in eternity, but I have to pay them.
  15. gamer_carrot

    gamer_carrot Member

    I just saw that PGR published the SotU review, which mostly confirms what you said.

    They recommended the game in the end, though.
    akutasame94 likes this.
  16. akutasame94

    akutasame94 Well-Known Member

    It looks like they modified my review, even chrono trigger refrence... :p
  17. gamer_carrot

    gamer_carrot Member

    Conspiracy? :laugh:
  18. akutasame94

    akutasame94 Well-Known Member

    I thought the joke was obvious :D

    Tho if you read mine and theirs there are some quite shocking similarities :p

    Still I don't believe in conspiracies :p
  19. gamer_carrot

    gamer_carrot Member

    Yeah, well, I'll probably pick this game up next week so I might write my own review in the forums after that.

    I'll try to make it as dissimilar to yours as possible. ;)
  20. akutasame94

    akutasame94 Well-Known Member

    Again, I thought the joke was obvious. It has to be similar, it's a review of the same game :) I am just glad I was among the first to do that :D

    And the game is a must buy... I contacted the developer to let them know that it works on weaker phones and about something else (Thank you moderator whose name I already forgot) ...
  21. Geek2theRight

    Geek2theRight New Member

    There will be spoilers.

    OK. I beat the game. I did all the bonus stuff you can buy. And I used the thing the leader of the dwarf town gives you to fight some bosses trapped in crystals in some of the dungeons. I found 4 of them and got the jewels for beating them. Are there any more? Or do the crystals do anything?
  22. rockdenim

    rockdenim Member

    Shortly into the story the castle is attacked and during the attack Ryle finds a Golem underground that was built to fight the Evils.
  23. akutasame94

    akutasame94 Well-Known Member


    So? That's the beginning of the game :D
  24. ral

    ral Well-Known Member

    Finished the game tonight. The best RPG I have played on my mobile. Time to explore the iAP's :D
  25. pavy415

    pavy415 Member

    I also got 4 crystals I notice in that crystal place where the dwarves village is there is a crystal that cannot be broken with the special crystal also did you best ominous voice yet too? I,can't beat him kills me fast.

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