T-Mo's 3G speeds in Dallas

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    Feb 7, 2011
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    I posted this over on the Simple Mobile side of the house, but haven't gotten any responses. It looks like it's a fairly slow forum. I know that Simple Mobile uses T-Mobiles towers, so I guess that I can get an answer here too. Anyway here it is:

    So, I'm looking at buying a sim card from Simple Mobile and then buying the Google Nexus 4. I was looking at the $40 plan that gives me unlimited voice/text but only 250MB of 4G data. I assume that after that 250MB is used up you will drop down to 3G speeds. What are those? Can I expect 500kbps +/-? Currently I'm on MetroPCS and am getting around that as an average. I understand that 3G CDMA and 3G GSM are different types of networks, but the speeds should be about the same, right?

    Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you T-Mobile guys.


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    Jun 8, 2012
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    My understanding is that you get dropped to 2G speeds, not 3G; so at best you are looking at 200 Kbps. This person claims he gets between 120-170 Kbps.

    Another option, for $5 more (assuming you need unlimited talk), is to sign up for Straight Talk, where you can also select to be on T-Mobile (though you can also select AT&T).
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