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Teacher's incomplete homework assignment notifier

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  1. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    I am looking for an app that will allow me to notify parents that the child has not completed their homework assignment. The app would work on three lists... a list of students ,their parent's associated e-mail address, a list of classes.

    I'm imagining a drop-down menu with a list of classes that I have. After selecting the class I have, a list of students with radio buttons appears. I select the students that did not turn in their homework assignment today. I then have another drop-down menu that contains custom made phrases like ...did not complete, did not hand in, etc. then I simply select send button and the parents are immediately notified.

  2. jmeapps

    jmeapps New Member

    I can probably help...shoot me a message and we will discuss options..
  3. jmyking

    jmyking New Member

    I would like to help as well. Maybe I'll get a prototype going.
  4. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    That would be great... thanks..
  5. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    awesome... thanks
  6. Aluxian

    Aluxian Active Member

    This seems to be quite easy to do, I'll look deeper into this tonight.
  7. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    thanks ;)
  8. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    Any luck guys?
  9. StangTexan

    StangTexan Member

    Hey y'all, if no one has worked on this request, I can give it a shot. Please reply back with your progress. Thanks!
  10. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    I am curious if anyone is yet working on this. It sounds like something that would be interesting.
  11. StangTexan

    StangTexan Member

  12. arapost

    arapost New Member

    Hi I would like to help. If you are interested please send me a PM to discuss the requirements of the app
  13. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    I have designed an app that is exactly what you described. I am doing some final beta testing now, and it should be in the Play Store within a week.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  14. androidgenie

    androidgenie Member

    Hi, I would be interested i creating a free version of this app. Teachers can't afford to buy these things. I would just have a small banner at the bottom of the screen with ads. Please let me know if this is of interest.
  15. StangTexan

    StangTexan Member

  16. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    Sorry, had a family tragedy and had to get back to normalcy. Really need an app... anybody still willing to do it?

  17. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    nice app. similar to others. A lot of overkill for what I need. You are going to find that the overwhelming majority of schools already have an online grading program and do not need the majority of what most school apps offer.

    The problem is in all of the ones I have viewed is the "group" email list does not have radio buttons to select individual students from the class/group for the specific message... With 22 students, I need something that as I am collecting the homework "real time" , I can simply check off... when done with collecting I can select the appropriate phrase and class, click send, and continue my teaching. YOu would be surprised what 1 minute of a distracted teacher can do to a class of 8th graders...lol
  18. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    I have been PMing those of you that have said you have made the apps. No one has replied and I have not located the app online.
  19. NedortGames

    NedortGames Member

    I`m interested add me on skype

  20. designdevservi

    designdevservi New Member

    I will work on this, Please PM me the details -
  21. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    Still nothing.....
  22. sohguanh

    sohguanh Well-Known Member

    It has been half a year and you still did not get your app request fulfilled? There are so many fellow developers taking up your request. None of their apps satisfies your needs?
  23. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    what apps?
  24. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    The details are in the original post... thanks
  25. rexes

    rexes Member

    Hey mate. You had any luck yet? Let me know to work on it!

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