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  1. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    With the exception of a mail merge suggestion , I have seen nothing... thanks

  2. rexes

    rexes Member

    Ok dude i am on it! Probably by the evening i will start writing, atm i am in the designing part, you know paper and stuff :p
  3. sohguanh

    sohguanh Well-Known Member

    Besides rexes, below posters have promised to look into it and in the end none has produced any apps for your use at all?

  4. rexes

    rexes Member

    Hey mate! The app is going very well. Need to do the design part now for the GUI !! I will keep you posted on the progress!


    I am doing a big progress over here, though i have to check for a LOT LOT things so it won't be that quick as i hoped :p you have to be a little patient for this mate because i am doing it on my free time!

    Stay tuned i will keep you posted!

    Progress so Far
    || Database:Done 100%
    || Database Handler: 70% (i am always adding new functions to make sure everything works fine)
    || GUI: 10% (I will decide on how it will be done after i am done with the handler and i am sure that
    || everything works fine so that it will not have any critical bug that will affect your work)
  5. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    My apologies, I completed an app quite some time ago for you. I apparently messed up when uploading it to the play store. I have fixed the issue and the app should be visible in the play store within a few hours (updates to apps are not instant, seems to take 1-4 hours for googles servers to reflect changes).

    The app is called Homework Alert, and is $1.99.

    If you get the app and want anything changed/added just let me know, and I will do what I can to make you as happy with the app as possible.

    EDIT: App is now available in the Google Play Store.
  6. rexes

    rexes Member

    Well at least i cant find the app in the store!
  7. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Your device nay not be compatible
  8. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

  9. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    @Rxpert83, his device should be compatible, made the app compatible for anything running Android 2.2 and up.
  10. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    wow... just checked back... been a long January... This is good... will try it tomorrow ;)
  11. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    Just entering in my first set...

    would be nice to associate specific students with specific classes so we don't have to search through so many names in the class.

    Also, need to be able to add/associate parent's name (field) with email & student.

    The default email is ok... However, is there a way to edit the email form ourselves?

  12. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    My fellow teachers are excited about it... However, they would like the ability to type in the actual assignment. Example "Chapter 1 Lesson 5" or "wheel drawing"

  13. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    Adding in the parent's name is simple, I will do so later today.

    As of right now the default email is hard coded, but I will look into implementing an editor.

    As for the assignment name, this also would be simple to add.

    Until I am able to implement an editor, what would you like the default message to be? If you write it out in the style I did on the add/edit responses page in the app, I will be happy to modify it for the time being.

    Example, the current message is:

    Dear Parent, (<---will change this to: Dear <Parent Name>,)

    This e-mail is to inform you that <Student Name>'s <Class Name> homework <Custom Response>.

    <Your Name>
  14. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    <Parent Name>,

    This is a quick note to let you know that <Student Name>'s <Class Name> homework <assignment> <Custom Response>. Please email me back if you have any questions.

    <Your Name>
  15. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    A suggestion would be to have a entry box instead of a drop down menu for the assignment. That way I could just type it in on the fly.

    Also, for grammar purposes, it would be good to have the assignment merge in with parenthesis...


    This is a quick note to let you know that Samuel's Science homework (Chapter 5 Lesson 3) was not turned in today. Please email me back if you have any questions.

    Mr Bantin
  16. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    Also, it may be that the student has more than one parent that wants correspondence and/or the parent has multiple emails that they want it sent to.

  17. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    Parent Name - Added
    Message Changed
    Some small bugs fixed

    Unfortunately, one of the bugs I fixed was with the database. For the update, you will need to fully uninstall the app, then reinstall through the play store (don't worry, you will not have to repurchase, simple reinstall). If you do not do a full uninstall before running the new version, the app will NOT function.

    I apologize for this inconvenience, but unfortunately I had to correct a bug in the database system.

    I am posting the new version to the market now, my recommendation is not to do anything at this point, when you receive the notification for the update from the play store, at that point uninstall, then reinstall. If you have any issues please let me know.
  18. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    I will try to look into this for you. I have some family matters to attend to over the next few days, but will try to work on it as much as possible.
  19. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    2 bugs

    the update crashes when you push parent notification

    The parent input does not clear when entering new students.

  20. rexes

    rexes Member

    The app isnt available in my country but i think your are overpricing it! Reconsider your price and you may get more downloads!

    It seems like a fast done work to sell it that high in price.!
  21. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    Russ, did you do a full uninstall before updating?
  22. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    Rexes, what country are you in? And I dont think 2 USD's is too much for something like this personally.
  23. rubantin

    rubantin Active Member

    yes I did a full uninstall... will try again this evning though to be sure... $2 is a deal... Not really interested in looks...lol

    Program is functional and fills the need... Although the lady teachers might want a color to match their phone....j/k

  24. DEFSoftSol

    DEFSoftSol Member

    Hmm... before trying another uninstall, try clearing the app data. (This will erase all databases, allowing the app to recreate the database with the new format)

    In case you are unfamiliar how to do this:

    From home screen Menu --> Settings --> Apps --> Homework Alert --> Clear Data

    If your phone does not have hardware buttons (For home, menu,back, search) then your settings will be in your apps.
  25. rexes

    rexes Member

    I am from Greece and trust me personally i have made better apps, including one for my University that are free and consumed me a lot of my personal time and a lot of work. Although i am not able to sell them because of Google's policy for Merchandising Apps. Developers from my Country can't sell unless they possess a bank count abroad.

    As you can see above i have also started working on this app too because noone answered! I have to say that my app at it's 10% level of GUI design completness has a lot in common with yours mate! So with that kind of GUI i was using for development, i can't see how a price of 1,50$ is a reasonable price for selling such an app..

    Anyway that's personal opinions, on how every developer likes his/her work. As far as my job is concerned i really like to create a nice GUI a fully functioning app and give it for free, as i was intending to do with that one too!

    Never mind, just thinking out loud! Keep up the good work and the development!

    C you around!

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