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Telstra credit used for app purchases

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  1. scjessup88

    scjessup88 New Member

    Hi I have the htc desire hd and I am on a prepaid sim card with telstra. I was wondering if there was any way to use my left over credit at the end of the month to buy apps? I've looked all over the internet but couldn't find any answer. I'd like to know because I hate that I have left over credit that I can't use..its like wasting money. Help appreciated :)

  2. irvs101

    irvs101 Well-Known Member

    No, the android market is a completely separate entity to Telstra, You need to use a credit/debit card to purchase apps on the market. Most good apps come free with ad support anyway so there isn't too many you will miss though. Hope this helps
  3. sg20215

    sg20215 Member

    If your worried about your credit disappearing at the end of the 30 days, buy your credit a day before it expires ;) then you keep your old credit as well as your new credit.

    It was a bit off topic but i hope I hope i helped... in a way.


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