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  1. newdad28

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    I've just made the switch from my Blackberry Bold 9700 to the TMobile G2 and am missing a couple things..

    First is my ability to setup and use distribution lists for texting. I had several large groups in my BB...anyone know how to set that up for the G2? Someone suggested Handcent, which I installed and have been using, but I don't see a way to setup groups/lists.

    The other questions I'll post in the appropriate threads - thanks in advance!

  2. newdad28

    newdad28 Member

    Bah still missing this A LOT....has anyone come across a way to set this up?

    BBOOZE Well-Known Member

    Here is what I've done.

    I have downloaded Handcent as my primary SMS manager.

    I manage all of my contacts in gmail/google. In there, you can set up groups of contacts.

    Once you do that, in Handscent if you go to write a new message you will see at the top the ability to select a Group. Once you do that you just select the group you want to send a text to and you're done.

    Works good for me.
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  4. newdad28

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    Ah so easy...perfect, thanks!!
  5. newdad28

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    Tried Go SMS for a few minutes because of all the comments from people leaving Handcent....but ended up getting Handcent back because of the google contact group sending options!

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