Texting app that tells you if a msg has been read by the receiver?

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  1. boxx0r

    boxx0r Active Member

    Blackberry messenger has the feature of letting the sender of the message to know if the receiver has READ the message or not. Is there a way to do this on an android? Any apps out there for this, or maybe you can do it in stock?

  2. nasr91

    nasr91 Member

    great question.......im vey interested to the replies too! thanks for posting
  3. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    is blackberry messenger their sms app?
  4. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    Blackberry Messenger is a messaging app that is included with the OS on every Blackberry, and it is independent of any carrier-provided messaging services. Because RIM controls the entire Blackberry Messenger system they are able to provide this type of confirmation. Getting similar confirmation on an SMS system would require that both sender and recipient have a similar app installed on their devices. Having an app installed at only one end wouldn't get the job done.
  5. boxx0r

    boxx0r Active Member

    In the settings of my messaging app (stock), it has "Read Report (Request a read report for each message you send" in MMS settings. It is not in SMS settings.

    First of all, what's the difference between MMS and SMS. Secondly, is that Read Report what I am trying to find for SMS? I checked it off but nothing happened. I must be on SMS texting without that feature.
  6. theforgetter

    theforgetter New Member

    MMS is Multimedea Message Service which is anything besides text that you could send via text message, like pictures, audio, and videos. Also sometimes if you're text is long enough like 5 messages or more it'll change it into a Multimeddia message just b/c the file size is kinda big.

    SMS is Short Message Service and its just a message w/ text only thats under a certain size hence, SHORT message service haha

    and yeah just go to settings and hit the check box for Delivery Reports. I use Handcent which is an alt. text message service and it's pretty much awesome. You can pretty much customize everything you can think of and have diff ringtones for when diff people text you and a ton of other awesome stuff but that aside, you can have it where you only get delivery reports for certain types of messages or for specific people!

    Like you can change the default settings for everyone in that app, but if you click on a convo w/ someone and then enter settings from there, it will change everything for that specific person. Plus other fonts are cool aswell. GET Handcent! and there's another one thats similar called ChompSMS and people are always debating which one is better and well, Handcent really just is. Also customizable LED colors are sweet too, you can change the light to any color in the spectrum. Like when its going off dark blue, i know its a text right away and if its green its one of my emails. Get it!
  7. Fisse

    Fisse Member

    Yes, just go to Messaging -> Settings -> Delivery Report
  8. DenverRalphy

    DenverRalphy Well-Known Member

    I may be mistaken, but I was under the impression that delivery reports are only viable if you're sending to somebody on the same carrier, and even then you can only request a delivery report, doesn't necessarily mean you will get one in return. And even then it only verifies that it was Delivered, and not necessarily Read.

    I have a BB device myself for work, and don't mind the Delivered and Read status as it is essential for inter-corporate purposes (but then too, I limit my BBM messaging to work related discussions only). I can't stand it for personal use though. I'm very good at letting people know that I simply am not accepting calls or messages for whatever reason (be it I'm busy working, eating lunch, at a movie, or simply in no mood to respond). However, no matter how diligent I am in that regard, people still feel like they're entitled to an immediate response simply because they know full well I have my phone with me at all times. Not many people respond well to the "I simply wasn't taking calls/messages" statement. For that reason, I prefer my personal correspondence to not have a Delivered/Read status. Many times I will read a message sent to me, but decide I will respond later when I get around to, or feel like it.

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