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    Oct 27, 2011
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    SPH-M580 Samsung Replenish
    Just got this phone a few months ago, had a couple charging issues with it thinking it was charging when not plugged in. That issue went away. The other night the battery died completly while I was sleeping. In the morning went to charge it, it wouldnt even charge, it would boot up and die because no battery juice. Finally after a few hours it began to accept a charge. Started the phone up and the touch screen does not work at all. I still get notifications and incoming calls but cant answer them because the screen wont work. Also the red LED that indicates it is charging or missed call etc, stays on constantly now but in a dim state, and lights up normal when charging or missed notification. It almost seems like it needs reset, but cant do that without a working screen. Any ideas before I take it to the shop. Thanks


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