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  1. tm21fourt3

    tm21fourt3 Member

    So here's what's up...

    I need to get CM9 on my touchpad using either Novaterm or ADB connection. How do I do this?

    I cannot get to moboot, or recovery, I need to find a way around this.

    Here's my story so far,

    just hoping I can get some help here faster.


  2. Nevertells

    Nevertells Well-Known Member

    OK, I read your odyssey over on XDA. You say you can get the large white usb symbol by pressing volume up during the boot up process. When you see that symbol that means you are in WebOS recovery mode. This is what you did when trying to install Android the first time. I think what you did wrong was not renaming the files you wanted to install, moboot, cwm, gapps and the rom with "update" without the quotes, as the first word in each file name. For example, ACME2 does not recognize files missing that word.

    BTW, when putting the TouchPad into WebOS recovery mode, do not plug in the usb cable until after you see the usb symbol.

    To get out of the mess you are in now I would suggest that you download ACMEUninstaller from here: Downloads - Browsing tools

    Place it in the same folder where you put ACMEInstaller2. Run the same command for the installer, but replace ACMEInstaller2 with ACMEUninstaller. This will remove all traces of Android, reset the memory partitions and should allow you to boot to WebOS again.

    Now place the properly named files in the cminstall folder and run ACME2 again. You will probably find some of the files still in the cminstall folder as ACME2 deletes successfully installed files.
  3. tm21fourt3

    tm21fourt3 Member

    Forgive me if I ask a stupid question....but if my goal is to just to get back to android on the touchpad is the part in bold good?

    And even though the CM file is not on the touchpad it should run smoothly? - I'll try it when I get home if that's the case.

  4. Nevertells

    Nevertells Well-Known Member

    Download and copy ACMEUninstaller into whatever folder you placed ACMEInstaller2. Place your TouchPad in WebOS recovery by holding volume up while it is booting. Connect the usb cable. From the command window, browse to the folder where ACMEUninstaller is and then type in the following command:

    novacom boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller

    Once the uninstaller is done removing Android from your TouchPad, copy Moboot, CWM, Gapps, and the nightly of your choice into the cminstall folder. Remember, all the file names have to start with "update". Run ACMEInstaller2.

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