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  1. minderella

    minderella New Member

    This is proving to be much more difficult than I thought. I need to get a long string of text messages off my phone and into a document that I can print out and save on a computer.
    I have tried to get into the system files using a file manager app, but have no clue as to which file I am supposed to be looking at.
    Does anyone have any ideas??? This is something that I really need to get done asap...

  2. MrDeeJ

    MrDeeJ Well-Known Member

    I use SMS Backup which backs up my text messages to my Gmail account. It will group them by the contact name and put a label on them. You can then go in and copy the text from the gmail message in to a Word Doc. I have had to do it a few times and it comes in handy.
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  3. minderella

    minderella New Member

    THANK YOU!!! what back up app are you using? there are loads...
  4. MrDeeJ

    MrDeeJ Well-Known Member

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  5. minderella

    minderella New Member

    You are amazing. I have been tearing my hair out this morning. Who knew it was so simple? have an awesome week
  6. jester257

    jester257 New Member

    I've been using it for printing off all business conversations. It exports into a pdf and emails it to you so you can print the conversation. You can either do one text or a string of texts. I love it. It's the missing link in Android systems. It's in the Android Market. PrintTexts is the app name.
  7. da1armyman

    da1armyman New Member

    did yoi figure out how to get those messages off your phone i need to do the same
  8. SaraB1

    SaraB1 New Member

    Downloaded the app & am now performing the back-up. Will it be obvious to me where to find the back-up in Gmail? The app didn't prompt me to name a file.
  9. SaraB1

    SaraB1 New Member

    Nevermind! I see them. They're in a file labeled "SMS". Duh!!:)
  10. MyForDev

    MyForDev New Member

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