Triangle on E4gt

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    If you have an ICS ROM on your phone you can use this app. I used it and I have no more yellow triangle, super easy. Just make sure you follow the directions and it really is as simple as downloading and installing the apk, then running the app. Reboot and there is no more triangle!

    Triangle Away

    Only for ICS ROMs
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    I'm off ICS now till its fully stable ...can't use it for a Daily Driver for me right now...So I'm back on Calks 2.91...with Hawkins Custom Kernel and all is well...I used the method i posted in my thread and after downloading the files...the Yellow Triangle was gone in less than a minute...That was cool...This won't happen again to me unless I download a Kernel thru Odin... Ill be usin Custom Recovery or Mobile Odin to flash Kernels from now on...Live and Learn...But really No Biggie...:rolleyes:

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