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Trouble Recovering from In-Call Screen SleepSupport

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  1. xmancool

    xmancool Well-Known Member

    More and more often it seems, my phone will refuse to sense my need to wake the screen up during a call. For example:

    I call a phone number, and as it rings for ~30 seconds.. the screen goes to sleep.
    The receiving person fails to answer call, and their Voice-Mail comes on.
    I decide I don't want leave a message, so I bring phone from my ear and expect the screen to wake up so I can end the call.
    But the screen fails to wake and I am stuck with a black screen. Often embarrassingly going into the persons voicemail while I"m trying to wake up my phone to end the call!

    I've tried everything. Bringing it back to my ear and back down again, shaking and turning it, pressing all the buttens. Nothing. Sometimes the screen will flicker or quickly wake up for a split seconds a few times while trying to wake it, but quickly turns back off before I can end the call.

    WHAT GIVES?!?! :rolleyes:

    The phone is two weeks old. Everything is updated to my knowledge. Never been dropped. Screen protector does not physically interfere with front sensors.

    Thanks guys!

  2. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    As long as you are positive nothing is interfering with the sensor it seems like you could have a faulty device. Maybe attempt a factory reset to see if it fixes the issue but if not you may need to swap it.

    I know the frustration, with my Optimus on cm7 this issue was the most noticeable bug for me aside from the turtle speed accelerometer, i had a solution though, I don't remember if it was an option in the rom or adw but I was able to end calls by pressing the power button. Hope you are able to work this out without consequence. Good luck.
  3. xmancool

    xmancool Well-Known Member

    Appreciate the fast feedback sir. I can see 100% of the front sensors, so I'm pretty certain it's not a blockage. Does factory reset erase and set everything back to default? Settings and/or programs?

    And yea, it's frustrating and embarrassing. I hate leaving blank voice mails on peoples phones, or voice mails where all they hear is me fighting and cursing with my phone to get my screen to appear so I can end the call! lol
  4. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    Okay took a bit of remembering lol but I have your solution. Go to settings>accessibility then press cancel and it leaves you in a menu giving you a check box to turn on/off the option to have the power button hang up voice calls, all you have to do is check the box and your embarrassment is over :)
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  5. xmancool

    xmancool Well-Known Member

    And THIS ladies and gentlemen.. is why I love me some forums!
    I've been going at this phone for over a week now trying to figure out how to fix this.. and within an hour or two of posting the question here.. I get a solution!

    So this actually bypasses the on-screen end call and replaces it with the power butten instead? Or at least now gives me the option to do either? If so, this will most certainly fix the problem of my embarrassment. Still would like to know what exactly is wrong with my phone and why it's doing this in the first place.

    Thanks again mang!
  6. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    It's not going to replace the normal method, it just adds the setting as an extra method of hanging up the phone, and your satisfaction and enthusiasm on top of knowing I have resolved your issue means much more than any monetary gesture could, i started out on the site knowing absolutely nothing and I am happy to use the knowledge I gained over the months through reading almost every thread in the Optimus m forum as many times as needed to know i fully understood what I was reading and it is nice to take the knowledge I gained from others and pass it on to new comers in need.

    I will see what I can find on the call screen staying black and post back if I can offer up a few more solutions.
  7. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    After about 20 minutes on google all I can tell you is that there is not a setting or known method of disabling the proximity sensor while in call, however this is a common and well known bug in many brands and models of smart phones not just the admire or android to be more specific.

    I read a few tricks that works for some but not for others, just google proximity sensor in call tricks.

    To be sure that the phones proximity sensor is not faulty download a free app called "proximity sensor finder" and when you open up the app hold your finger over the sensor and if the app can detect it then it is possibly a bug in your specific phones firmware which could be fixed through an update from samsung, however, if the app doesn't detect your finger covering the sensor, or its giving a hit or miss reading I would strongly suggest that you take the phone to a metro store and swap it out for a new one (or refurbished depending on what the store has in stock and if the guy is a douche bag or not)

    Hope that no matter what you find and what path you plan to take that in the end you can be as happy and proud of your admire as I am.
  8. br0ck07

    br0ck07 New Member

    i just got the phone and have the exact same problem i know you said to switch that switch for power button to turn it off but what if you are calling your voicemail and need to use the keyboard do u think it is a faulty device...

  9. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Just use metropxs visual voicemail, you can play the audio and don't need to put in your password after the first time.
  10. br0ck07

    br0ck07 New Member

    but what iam saying when i need to make a call and use dialpad if i call a number and u have to put in a number do u think that my device is faulty

  11. hcs0104

    hcs0104 New Member

    I have the same problem!!!! When I make a call the screen shuts off and it won't turn back on!!! I know it's not a problem with my phone because I swapped it out and it is still doing it! Any solutions? Someone mentioned updating the firmware, how do I do that?
  12. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully you have done the normal troubleshooting techniques already, including downloading the app to test your proximity sensor i posted about above, and if so and you still have the issue you may have to see about swapping again but try a corporate store so they can see this is your second faulty phone and hopefully they will take better care of you than the run down metro store at the corner selling used phones as new and forcing you to pay 10-15 bucks just for them to do what you can do yourself by activating your phone for you.
  13. Alexandrar305

    Alexandrar305 New Member

    Try using your thumb when in call instead of your index finger. I don't know y n I know it sounds ridiculous, but it helps me.
  14. mg3

    mg3 New Member

    Thanks i was having the same problem with my wifes phone downloaded the program and the sensore was reading none stop..so i took off the otter box and tried program again and it worked. if your phone is in a protective case try taking it out and putting it back in again with the program running so you can tell when you fixed the problem.it took me a few tries but i got it in right where the sensore wasnt detecting the case(even if it looks like its not blocking the eye still take otter box off)

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