Trouble rooting International Galaxy S II.

  1. Infortheskrill

    Infortheskrill New Member

    Hi, I'm having some trouble rooting my phone.

    Basically I've followed the tutorial piece-for-piece several times and I keep having the same issue. I'm not sure if anybody else has had my problem but I couldn't find anything on Google.

    I followed the tutorial using Odin on this forum (and on XDA), and after I click start on Odin everything is going fine, until "zImage" shows up in the log, then I get a blue screen on my laptop for about two seconds and it quickly restarts, pretty much cancelling the entire process.

    Any ideas?

  2. Infortheskrill

    Infortheskrill New Member

    I'm pretty sure this blue screen is the BSOD, has anybody any clue about this? I'm going to try my other computer (could take a while, it's awful), if I have negative results then I'm not sure what I plan to do.
  3. ironass

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  4. Logan47

    Logan47 Disabled

    BSOD indicates a conflict within windows, often driver related. Try and disable any antivirus/security apps which are memory resident and running as background process and anything else you might have, especially kies. You may have better results with fewer background apps.
  5. iT0mm0

    iT0mm0 Well-Known Member

    last time i had a BSOD was because of malware on my pc, try running ccleaner

    update your bios and make sure you are running all your hardwares latest drivers

    last time i had BSOD i was running windows98

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