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  1. kblaws

    kblaws New Member

    Just got my MAXX on Monday (3/21/12) and today have noticed that I have trouble switching back into 3G from 4G. I work in a 4G area and I stay connected all day at work, but when I drive home the 3G will only stay locked in for about 5 or so minutes - then I have no network connection. I also have an IPhone 4S and it has no issues with staying connected to 3G.

    Googled the problem and it seems a few others have the same problem with no solution. Called verizon tech support and they sent me to level II support and eventually wrote up an engineer ticket.

    They took me through these steps:

    1) reboot (obvious), network disconnect/reconnect

    2) turn off the CDMA/LTE and only go with CDMA - this step I couldn't even get the network to connect for the 5 minutes

    3) take the sim card out for 40 seconds

    4) check for newer updates - it was up to date

    We have ruled out sim card issues since the 4G stays connected while in the 4G network.

    Anyone else notice similar issues? Will write back if the engineers come up with anything.

  2. taxiron1

    taxiron1 Well-Known Member

    A lot of people have this issue. It has been documented for a couple of months. I have to switch in and out of airplane mode to "wake up" the 3G from 4G.

    I went to VZW tech also. Was told they are aware of it, and working to develop a solution in next update.

    Once you notice no data, just switch in and out of airplane mode and it should get you back on.
  3. kblaws

    kblaws New Member

    Thanks for the reply....I tried the airplane mode several times to restart the network, only to have 3G shut off about 5 minutes later. There is actually a widget that restarts only the network without losing the phone/text service.

    So, at work today about 2pm and the engineer called and asked me a couple more questions about where exactly I lived and some cross streets, etc. Then he told me to re-boot my phone and I am good to go. I replied that I was at work, not at home and the 4G is working great...I repeated that the 3G is the problem.

    He told me, not anymore...reboot your phone and when you get home, you will be good.

    Now, I've been home about an hour and damn if he wasn't right, 3G is up and stable. They must be on to something.

    Anyway, he told me that he would call back this evening to check on me - at which time I will attempt to interrogate an answer out of him. Little bit scary to be honest (looking for the black helicopters circling).
  4. kblaws

    kblaws New Member

    and....of course I wake up this morning and have no 3G service....ugh. I'm just about to make the trip to take it back....
  5. JMey94

    JMey94 Member

    Get the app on the Play Store called Restart Connections. Its a one button solution that turns off your wireless radios and turns them back on.
  6. SBSaintJames

    SBSaintJames Member

    Thanks for the tip. My home is just at the boundary of DFW's 4G LTE, and it switches from 4G to 3G literally inside of my house (the south side is 4G, the north side is 3G). Using this little trick has solved my issue (although I do generally switch to WiFi at home.

    Nice idea.

  7. danndroid

    danndroid New Member

    I'm reposting the following from my reply in another thread, as it is a similar issue:

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