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  1. paticake

    paticake New Member

    I got my first smart phone 2.11.14, a Motorola Droid Ultra and paired it with my car, 06 Lexus Rx400h, and everything worked fine for about 48 hrs. Then the phone stopped connecting after I would stop for gas or go into a store. Car said it was paired, phone said it was connected, but call would default to the phone, won't go through car. After several days of unpairing and repairing, I went to Verizon, and of course they say it's the car.

    Called Lexus Corporate, they say it should work.
    Called Motorola, same thing.
    Called Verizon, after 75 minutes, they send me a new phone.

    New phone works great.... until I get the new update for the 4.4 ? android operations system.

    Now I'm back with the same problem. Will not stay connected with car.

    Anyway to get rid of the new system, and back to the old that worked fine???
    I hope someone can fix this.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Go to your nearest Verizon store. Ask if they do repairs, or where the nearest Verizon store that does repairs is.

    Take the phone there and explain the situation - that 4.4 doesn't work with your Lexus, but that 4.3 does, and ask if they can reflash the phone back to 4.3 and turn off updates until (and unless) Motorola gets the problem straightened out. Otherwise the phone is useless to you, Verizon made it useless to you, and you'd like them to take it back (and, at your discretion) cancel your account and waive the ETF, since they're the ones who caused the problem. (They sent you the update without your consent or even knowledge.)
  3. paticake

    paticake New Member

    Wow, Quick reply Rukbat! I will contact Verizon and report back.

    Thank You,

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