Trying to unlock gsm sim on acer liquid e

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  1. bsims7

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    Ok. I rooted it, upgraded android to 2.2.2, 4.00, it accepted it, but sim lock still engaged. can rooting clear a sim card? The phone is rogers, i bought a new telus sim, activated online, regretfully closed apn page, but can a rooting affect sim card? And, how can I get around gsm lock without code? As well, when I back up, how do I make sure i'm saving the important stuff? Please and thank you

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    We can leave you post here if you so choose, but I think you would get more benefits if it was in your device forum, I am sure someone there would be able to best help you there, let me know and I will move your post. ;)

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    if you think thats best, please do. I just wanted it to get a lil exposure, but please do move it if you think it'd get viewed more. Thank you for helping make a good site :)

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