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Turn notification sounds off on HTC VividSupport

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  1. lerosenoire007

    lerosenoire007 New Member

    I've only had the HTC Vivid for a few weeks, and I cannot find a way to turn off the notification noise for incoming e-mails and texts. When I go to the settings menu, it just has an option to change which sound. (To clarify; it's not a problem in silent mode, just in normal mode.) It's really annoying to have the sound/light go off at 3 a.m. even if it's just a little ping. Is there a way to turn off sounds in normal mode so I don't have to turn it on silent mode every night?

  2. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Hi lerosenoire007 - welcome to Android Forums! I'm guessing that there is no option for 'Silent' in the sounds menu?
  3. wirelessmike21

    wirelessmike21 Active Member

    Download the "Simple Sound Profile Widget" from the Play Store. I have been using this app/widget for as long as I can remember. I am not exactly sure this is what you need, but with this app/widget, you can have your phone be on loud and have your notifications be silenced. It has made my life easier and I hope it helps you.
  4. romo99

    romo99 New Member

    Hi...it looks like You have to do it from each individual program.

    Silent sms:
    Go into sms>menu>setting>notifications>uncheck play notification sound.
    Silent email
    Go into email>menu>settings>notification settings>uncheck notification sound
    Silent gmail
    Go into gmail>menu>settings>click on your email address>ringtone & vibrate>ringtone>silent

    This will be separate from phone calls but I did not find a way to silence only at certain times (nighttime).

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