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u9 s320 gingerbread rom ?General

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  1. gta

    gta Well-Known Member

    hi everyone
    Is ths the u9 s320 gb rom ??

    Can nybody test it on a70?

  2. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    Why don't you test it?
  3. gouthamb

    gouthamb Well-Known Member

    i dont know chinese :(
  4. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    Google translate it bro :p anyway trying to download but have to register wait
  5. gta

    gta Well-Known Member

    if it bricked my phone my father will brick me up . :p
  6. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    it is 23 ROM not 2.3(they have their own custom ROMs and 23 is version of that)
    However when u download kindly upload it to multiupload for us ok?
  7. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    i downloaded it....it was is zip and it contained an .exe file ????? anyone knows what;s it>?? and on opening it it it said " Open image failed "
  8. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    After about sending 2 hours in an Chinese forum. I believe a70 is rebrand of u9 s320 and i have come to know why we aren't getting gb update because in their forum they too are regretting that company promised but couldn't get em one BUT their company have released OFFICIAL ROM that DOES IT ALL i mean it is written it has solved the LEGENDARY WIFI FIX , Optimization SOGOU input and set it as default input method( don't know what is it) , sensor fixes , FM optimized and many others....

    i know then u guys might be thinking why don't he download their rom and fuse with ours? well , i downloaded the rom and as stated above it is in exe format and they have given a tool with it which i am downloading right now called "Brushing" i down't know how to use it if anyone aware of any knowledge plz reply ASAP
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  9. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    Can you send me the download link of tools?
  10. adityadeva

    adityadeva Well-Known Member

  11. ams04

    ams04 Well-Known Member

  12. ams04

    ams04 Well-Known Member

    now this is sw20 firmware (this post is complete copy paste)

    SW20 updated version of the software main points:

    1. LCD screen occasionally point the problem does not shine
    2. SIM card out of network frequently
    3 SD unloaded frequent
    4 shows unusual power, namely the case of low battery indicator is full
    5 to solve snooze alarm response is not accurate
    6 Bluetooth occasionally forced out of the question
    7 sets of results to improve the FM off
    8. Updates the audio parameters, improved call quality
    9 received a new message to solve the problem after frequent tips
    10 integrated wapi certificate installation
    11 Occasionally, the screen automatically brighten to solve the problem
    12 The battery can not charge to 100%
    13 to improve the light sensitivity of the sensor

    Google Translate
  13. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    Please don't download or test anything i bricked my phone please guys help in how to unbrick your phone thread
  14. sunil90

    sunil90 Well-Known Member

    Does CWM recovery work or noT ????
  15. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    No....Nothing works i guess service centre is the only option but i don't have bill anyways i have reuested letsbuy and they said i'll get in 2 working days
  16. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    Try fastboot to enter into recovery.
    Once u enter just restore backup of stock rom
  17. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    its not working bro......fastboot also not working after u9 s320 rom
  18. droidolution

    droidolution Active Member

    bro... beware if you goin to MMX svc. Either most of the time you dont get a reply from them and your phone lays their for months or you receive your phone in wrecked or damaged state.

    Better record (video will be preferrable) your conversation in the svc to be safe :p:D
  19. monu92

    monu92 Well-Known Member

    contact karandpr, he had talked about some "resistance method" for bricked phones.. otherwise.. touchscreen will be changed and clockword recovery will work again. (same happened with me)
  20. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    please can u pass on my request to him? and explain what happened please i don't want to write it all again please
  21. monu92

    monu92 Well-Known Member

    just pm him that you got your phone bricked while installing some chinese Rom that was in .exe format and now its not responding for fastboot or cwm recovery.
    otherwise go to service centre and suggest them to change its touchscreen. and use cwm recovery.
  22. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

  23. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    Its very old version...i flashed version 41 which was official by u9 i even mailed them they replied we feel sorry but your handset wasn't supported :p they replied in Chinese i translated it SO NO NEED I HVE BRICKED MY PHONE SO PLEASE DON'T FLASH IT GUYS..!! ESPICIALLY .exe file they gave the soft to flash it n voillaaaa brick...anways i hve goot my bill today night most probably will go service centre tomorrow get it fixed and join you guys back again
  24. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    Just came across that SW41**.zip..downloading it.it released on 11th October 2011..n it's still 2.2 only.gb has not released for u9 s320.
    if anyone interested in this 41 update then here is the link.Use it at ur own risk.

    This also an exe file which requires to connect phone in fastboot mode n will flash directly so chances of bricking are very high,may be 99%...
    N as I checked 2.3 has not been released for s320 yet...
  25. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    Chances are 100 % please don't try.......i bricked my phone the same way

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