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  1. nicmitchell

    nicmitchell New Member

    I have been searching for hours as to why this could have happened, so I hope that this seemingly helpful community can point me in the right direction.

    I have a Droid X running Gingerbread that has been responding slowly. (Pressing call button could take 8-10 seconds to pull up.)

    I read that uninstalling social media applications could help. I uninstalled Facebook (that I never used anyway). That helped. Then I took it a step further and went into the settings for contacts. I changed the settings to "Only show contacts with phone number," and I disabled all social media contacts to show in my contact list.

    Then the phone froze.

    After restarting, I get to the home profile. Sometimes I can press the menu button, but then no app buttons will work. The screen will reload (slowly) about every 12 seconds or so. Sometimes the sync icon will show up and stay in the notification bar, which leads me to believe that this could still somehow be related to my contacts.

    Even when I let the phone sit for an hour or so in the hopes that the syncing would eventually solve the problem, the display never shuts off. The notification bar eventually goes black (literally turns black), and it it just sits there unresponsive.

    I went through the process of launching recovery mode and clearing the cache (about 3 times), but I have not yet resorted to factory reboot.

    I just don't understand how changing the settings on my contacts could have caused the phone to stop working.

    Does anybody have any suggestions, or am I going to have to do a factory reboot? (Don't want to reinstall all my apps and settings).

  2. djxxcess

    djxxcess Well-Known Member

    have you rooted and what version are you on? ota gb?
  3. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    That's not bricked. There's no fix for bricked. :D

    To fix both your problems, I'd sbf to 602, then do a factory reset. Don't open market yet. Then go into settings... about phone and check for updates. The 605 update should start downloading and when that is installed, I'd go into stock recovery again and and factory reset again. Only then would I open market and your apps will start downloading. If you want to root, I'd make sure it works well before messing with it.

    Your paid apps will be available in Market. Google stores many of your settings. It's really not that bad and you'll end up with a fast phone again.
  4. nicmitchell

    nicmitchell New Member

    No, the phone was not rooted.

    I didn't go through the process of rolling back the version number. I am on a Mac, and I couldn't install the drivers, etc.

    I did do a factory reset, and the phone is working much better. You're right, it was not as difficult to restore the old settings as I had feared.

    Thanks for your help!
  5. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    If you're referring to sbf'ing, there's a bootable Linux cd you could sbf from as well as Mac drivers.... having a Mac is not an excuse. :D

    Glad you got it stable.

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