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  1. mrbobbyc

    mrbobbyc New Member


    I saw the port of Quake 3 for android and became interested in the possibility of running the original Unreal Tournament (UT99) on my droid 2.

    Unreal is not open source, however a linux port exists and Epic released part of the source code for the linux port in order for the user community to improve upon it back when the port was made. The info for the project is here-
    OpenUT - Unreal Tournament Open Source Project

    I found out that it is possible to run linux distributions such as debian and ubuntu on android phones now (source- Debian & Android Together on G1 - Jay Freeman (saurik)).

    I came up with an idea- would it be possible to run the linux port of unreal tournament on a linux distribution running on an android phone? I know that sounds implausible, but I know some of the newer android phones like my droid 2 are powerful enough to run the game.

    Or, perhaps the open source code released by Epic for the linux port and the open ut project could be used to create an android port of the game?

    Would anyone knowledgeable be willing to investigate this? I would be willing to help in any way I can.

    EDIT: It turns out Epic has released the source code for the windows version as well, if that would be any help-

  2. Rotary

    Rotary Well-Known Member

    i dont mind working on a project for a UT port. the controls have to be the most important part. maybe a virtual joystick. let me know if your interested. btw are you a programmer?
  3. mrtutut

    mrtutut New Member

    Hi, i am interested on a UT99 port on Android. Are you a developer? Can you port this on Android? I am really interested and i think, i am not the only one.
  4. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    I'm a huge UT fan but I don't see this working on Android.

    Fast paced first person shooters are just too difficult to play using a touch screen, it's a great novelty running them but that soon wares off.

    I still have UT installed and play it every week.
  5. mrtutut

    mrtutut New Member

    Android doesnt always mean touchscreen... There are also some netbooks running on Android and some tablet pcs with Android, where you can also plug in an keyboard and mouse... I wanted to play this game on the Rikomagic MK 802 II or on the MK 808 in the future with an keyboard and an mouse.
    EDIT: I also have Quake3Droid on my HTC Explorer and i can say, the controls arent that hard. The buttons for shoot and jump are binded on Volume Up and Volume Down. Other buttons like movement or sound controls are on the touchscreen. It is still a little bit hard but its playable.
  6. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    For most users the only option is to use touchscreen controls.

    I only have wireless controllers and they are just to much of a pain to setup with Android, I tried and gave up.

    Keyboard and mouse work fine on some devices but that needs support to work properly, mouse won't just automatically work with games when you plug it in.

    I remember trying to play through Quake 3 single player on my Galaxy S2, managed 3 levels and that was as far as I could go with touchscreen controls.

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