Updating a droid via wifi

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  1. ThisIsMyAlias

    ThisIsMyAlias Member

    I have my old Droid laying around. I want to restore it to the factory settings and give it to my girlfriend (for her to play games on); however, I would like to be able to update it back to Froyo (version 2.2).

    This phone is no longer on a cell phone plan, so how would I go about updating it? Is it even possible to do over wifi or the Google Play market?

  2. vey

    vey Well-Known Member

    If you use a PC, you can flash newer standard ROMs. Peter Alfonso has them.
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  3. ThisIsMyAlias

    ThisIsMyAlias Member

    I just went for it and reset the droid to the factory default. These instructions can be found in many places from Google.

    Amazingly, even though the Droid 1 does not come with 2.2.3 from the factory that is what it restored it to. I'm not sure if when the updates came down from Verizon if they were stored on the phone's rom.

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