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  1. NoodleFX

    NoodleFX New Member


    I bought the Samsung Galaxy W last week as my first smartphone and as i have been researching/reading up on the device, android, kies etc. Ive been wanting to upgrade to the 2.3.6 so i have tried via phone (settings/about phone) and an alert comes up with 'no update available' (using wifi). Also i have tried through kies but all I get there is a continuous "Connecting" when phone is plugged in.

    Any suggestions? Is it worth updating?


  2. Road66

    Road66 New Member

    I dont know the reason why you can't update it, but I have got the same phone and I updated it by Wifi. It came up a message 'New update available' when i Connected the phone to Wifi.

    And according to "Is it worth it?". I dont know, I can't find any changes at the moment. But ofc it's worth it - The newer, the better.
  3. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Ditch Kies, it's only useful for drivers.....use ODIN to install latest official FW, 2.3.6.

    Check out on XDA, will provide link when they come back on line.

    BTW, it's easy, and it will be easier, as there is now custom recovery, CWR, and custom ROM's which can be flashed with recovery, so no need for Kies, or even ODIN.
  4. rithan

    rithan New Member

    Yes i think so the newer is better..so do i want to update..but when i did it by using wife, it start to download and when finish it start to install and than it reboot, but after it reboot it show massage that can't updat. It required me to do that by using kies with pc. does it have any problem with my device?
  5. RobboW

    RobboW Member

    Mine would not update either. I succumbed and used Kies and it worked. It still roots ok :)

    I'd like to install ICS or Jellybean, but really, 2.3.6 is nice enough for me and app support is good, although I'm not sure what changed from 2.3.3 to 2.3.6

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