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Upgrading Australian unlocked SGS2Support

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  1. suchi

    suchi Member

    From India. I have an Australian Samsung Galaxy S2 "GT i9100T" unlocked phone. (originally locked to Vodaphone Australia). Right now i t is running <Android 2.3.5>.kernel =< - i9100TDUKJ1-CL687461 root@Dell136#2>
    Now 1. is it an international version? Will I get the official update of ICS through Samsung? Is it necessary / possible to upgrade to XALPQ through Odin? and does it affect the automatic update from Samsung?

  2. satishgirija49

    satishgirija49 New Member

    Can you guide me please how you did unlocking. I have similar problem
    [contact details removed]
  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hello satishgirija49!

    Never a good idea to publish your phone and email details on the forum... whilst everyone on here are usually really nice people... you never know. ;)

    It would seem that you have the, "T", variant of the Galaxy S2, sold mainly in Australia and New Zealand and for use on the Telstra and Vodafone networks. The, "T", denotes that it has a different modem software, compatible with those networks.

    To check if an update is available for you, you will need your CSC code. All this is explained in great detail in posts #1 and #2 in this thread...

    ICS... CSC are you eligible for an update?

    Hope this helps!
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