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  1. wolfdogg

    wolfdogg Well-Known Member

    i cant figure out what settings to use,

    the options i have are
    Telephone number
    account name

    and under advanced
    vendor (generic is default)
    model (cdma, dialup, GPRS (GSM/3G))
    APN if GPRS is selected

    i think tel number would be #777
    and password vzw
    would account name be [mynumber], or i have seen other ways that i cant recall at the moment, guessing at it i think it was [mynumber] or something like that

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I do have Macs, but, unfortunately, I have never tried to tether, and my Eris is no longer activated.

    Just to ask, are you rooted? If so, are you running a custom ROM? And, if so, which one?

    If not, would you consider rooting and then trying WiFi tether rather than USB tether?

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