Use Xperia Arc ROMs on the Arc S?General

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  1. Budisha

    Budisha Member


    I've got the Arc S a few days ago and its pretty good. This is my first smartphone. Im also new to android rooting and ROMs.
    I had to search a few days to find a working way to root it and i cant find any ROMs for it (or i have been searching for them in the wrong places).
    So my question is: Can i flash Xperia Arc ROMs on the Xperia Arc S?
    Also, if i accidentally brick my phone, will i be able to unbrick it?

  2. Budisha

    Budisha Member

  3. peterb23

    peterb23 Well-Known Member

    I've not thought about rooting this yet.

    Can I ask why you want to root it? What else do you need the phone to do? Just interested in case I'm missing out on something great :)
  4. Budisha

    Budisha Member

    I already rooted it. I live in Croatia so some of the apps in the Market are locker so i need the root to unlock this apps with market enabler. I also need root to flash custom ROMs, etc...
  5. Empath

    Empath Well-Known Member

    i was hoping arc roms would work on arc s but i highly doubt it..i guess we gotta wait for a bit since its kind of new to the market. just curious how did you root your phone?
  6. Budisha

    Budisha Member

  7. p0men

    p0men Member

    what rom are u try to flash?
  8. syahipul

    syahipul Member

    For lt18 or lt15

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