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Using Note 2 & 10.1General

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  1. Jon Davis

    Jon Davis Well-Known Member

    Have gn 10.1, using Razr phone, time to upgrade. Note 2?
    How do folks combine the two (not have things on one that you need on the other & V. V.? )

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    One is a phnoe and the other a tablet and everything works differently on them. I have an S3 and the Note 10.1 and in no way they get redundant.
  3. ChrisENote

    ChrisENote Active Member

  4. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    I have both and they compliment each other. I often start on one and finish on the other. Documents To Go, Office Site, Lecture Notes, these applications work well on both devices.
  5. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Well-Known Member

  6. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    Not just to Google Drip, you can also use your Gmail setting under Cloud.

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