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  1. beachnutannie

    beachnutannie New Member

    I purchased the HTC Vivd about a month ago, I am coming from using a BB. My question, never had this problem before with my bb, i have on my monthly plan 200mb in the month i have have had this phone i have used double and almost triple that 200 mb. i downloaded a task killer to kill whatever is running and not sure if that will work yet, but what is the difference between using wifi and 4g. if i use wifi am i using up mb? I i use 4g am i using up my mb? I not to savy with this sort of stuff but just trying to learn. Can anyone help!!

  2. chall80

    chall80 Well-Known Member

    If you are on wifi, you are not using any data from your dataplan. To be really honest, 200mb is not much when it comes to data usage. I blasted 3 gb last cycle, and didn't use that much. Setting up your accounts to sync less often will help alot. If you are syncing your email, contacts, weather, and everything else every 15 will eat up the data. Do you use the internet at all? are you streaming music?
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  3. beachnutannie

    beachnutannie New Member

    Yes i now see that 200mb is not enough but it was enough when i had my bb and i think i used my bb more often this android. The only thing i really use the phone for is my e-mails and to go on facebook. I use the internet only if necessary which is not often cause i sit by a computer all day so if i need anything i use my desktop. I think when i closed an app on my bb it went off, when you do it on the android it continues to run, is that so?
  4. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    Yes 200Mb is not near enough for this smartphone.I use that in 2 days alone.As chall said syncing your accounts often will use a lot of data each month.I would set all of this to only sync when opened or manual sync.You can do this under menu/settings/account and sync.I would disable Background Data and Auto sync also and give that a try.Make sure you check all your app sync settings as well.If i only had 200 Mb per month i would disable mobile network completely until i wanted to use the web,and use wifi when it was available.You can turn this off under menu/settings/wireless and networks then un-check mobile network.
    I would suggest getting the 1 or 2 GB Plan to use your phone as it is meant to be used.Paying a monthy fee of $25 to $30 bucks is better then going over your limit and still having to pay that much or more.
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  5. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    Yes that is so unless you set everything to be updated manually and disable background data and Auto sync.
    There is an app at the market that helps you keep track of your data and see whats using it.I use it and it works very well.
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  6. beachnutannie

    beachnutannie New Member

    Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it. So then if i uncheck the background data and auto sync does that mean they will only sync when i open them? If so then will I get my facebook updates? That's another problem i am having is my fb updates. It may be different on android phone but i used to get sms text when a friend updated their status now i get nothing and my settings on fb are correct.
  7. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    Try deactivating your mobile text on facebook then reactivating it so you can get a new confirmation code and see if that works.I use Gmail to get my updates but using gmail will use more data which you don't want.
    Disabling Background data and auto sync should help alot.But i would still check the settings under menu/accounts and sync on your phone and set everthing up there for manual sync and disable the ones you don't use.
    The facebook text option can be found here.

    I activated Mobile Texts, but am not receiving any text notifications.

    First, make sure you have SMS checked for the notifications you would like to receive. You can decide what notifications are sent to you via Mobile Texts by visiting the Notifications tab of your Account Settings page.

    If you confirm that SMS notifications are checked in your Notifications tab, but are still not receiving texts, try removing your number completely then reactivating Mobile Texts.

    To completely remove a number from your account, go to the Mobile tab of your Account Settings Page and click "remove." You can then reactivate your Mobile Texts by clicking "Register for Facebook Text Messages" on the same page.

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  8. beachnutannie

    beachnutannie New Member

    ok Thank you i will try that along with adding a new data plan with more mb. Hope this helps. :D
  9. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    Your Welcome.If you get a bigger data plan you like 2GB per month you shouldn't have to worry too much about the background data etc.Just use the app i mentioned and you can keep track of how much data you use,or need each month.I use my phone alot and have the 2GB plan and have only went over once.The cost is $10.00 per GB you go over your limit.I use my phone alot and rarely go over with everything updating,using the web daily etc.
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