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  1. nnelzen

    nnelzen Member

    I've got app inventor and have tried this many different was but kept coming up short so I eventually gave up. Maybe someone here can help me out. I work for a garage door instal and repair company and a big part of a job is calculating the amount of turns to put on the torsion spring. . It basically just goes the door height divided by the circumference of the drum that the cable attaches to. I was hoping to make the app work by selecting door height and drum size by menu to get the answer. This would be great for training new guys and save time too. I've got more ideas but I guess I wanna see if anyone is interested first. Thanks

  2. starter1001

    starter1001 New Member

    This seems like a fairly easy application to build. Are there anymore functionalities in this application you are looking to build?
  3. nnelzen

    nnelzen Member

    A couple, like choosing by clicking a picture of the drum you have and possibly a different algorithm for some specialty doors. I'd love to talk about it. Can I pm you my number or something?
  4. starter1001

    starter1001 New Member

    Yes, send me your personal email id. Ill contact you.
  5. nnelzen

    nnelzen Member

    Thanks, I shot you a pm.

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