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  1. vilius

    vilius New Member

    Is the all games compitable and run great on this phone? like will modern combat 2 will work on it or not? sorry for my bad english

  2. vodafone845

    vodafone845 Member

    Many games working on this phone and i think thet game will work.
  3. makuze

    makuze Member

    Hi, i have this phone 2 and actualy it dosen't run modern combat 2 and on its box it writes that its powerfull but actualy it runs 3d games, but most of them it dosen't load the textures it actualy sucks that it doesent run lots of games. And 3d games that run they lag or your phone restarts.
  4. vodafone845

    vodafone845 Member

    phone need 2.3update and games works normal and with video are problem becouse resoliution are small and some games just to small for phone .

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