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  1. usablefawn

    usablefawn Member

    Alright, I'm new to this, but I have nowhere else to go. I've used the warp for a while and I've never set up my Voicemail, I just never needed it. However, lately I've been trying to set it up and all I get is a busy tone when I hold 1.

    I'm using CTMod 3.75.

    Could you kind people please help me fix the problem or at least lead me in the right direction.

    Thanks, I really appreciate it.

  2. MisterParadox

    MisterParadox Well-Known Member

    Try dialing your number from your phone.

    Depending.....you may need to hit ** to access the voicemail menu. Try that.
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  3. usablefawn

    usablefawn Member

    I tried dialing from my phone, but still get the busy signal.

    Could you explain how to use the **

    Oh, I also dialed *72, which I think enables call forwarding, not sure. After this, I dialed my Voicemail again and it says it hasn't been set up correctly and that I've forwarded it to a voice mail retrieving number instead of a voice mail deposit number.

    I'm a complete noob with phones, so I don't have any idea as what those are.

    When I called from another phone, it sends them straight to that Voicemail error message.

    Dialing *720 sets it back to the normal busy tone, and calls come through, but never go to voice mail, it basically rings for ever.
  4. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    Have you tried calling Boost? Here is a Direct Line to them.
    (877) 438-8643
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